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We offer an array of services from braids to hair extensions and anything else you may need for your natural crown. Naturally Crowned is also a full service spa offering services including but not limited to facials, body waxing, manicures, pedicures, massage therapy and much more! 


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Natural Hair Styling 

The term “Natural Hair Styling” refers to those styles which do not include alteration by chemical straighteners. Even the pressed, rolled or twisted hair also fall under the natural hair styling because once washed, they come back to its original form. These styling options include rod sets, Signature one PASS PRESS, two-strand twists, coils, signature braided or twisted updo, palm rolls, ponytails, and many more. The skilled and trained artists at the Crowned Hair Studio can make your hair look fabulous. Our professionals are experts at any kind of natural hairstyling and you will definitely get the desired results.


Braids & Locs 

Our braid services help promote hair growth and strength. We use top quality braiding hair and offer many styles including box braids, knotless braids, faux locs, butterfly locs, passion twists, feedin braids, crotchet braids and much more. 


Every client will receive a deep cleansing and hot oil treatment with our custom PINK KISS ALL NATURAL HAIR CARE LINE under the amazing micro mister. Services include Crowned loc grooming, loc styling, Micro locs, loc interlocking, loc detox, loc extensions, loc repair, loc coloring, yarn loc wrapping, loc jewelry application, and much more.


smoothing System & treatments

Our top quality smoothing systems and treatments are specific to our clients hair health and desired goals. We use a formaldehyde free formula that enhances the hair with Keratin molecules to assist in bond repair, color repair, more manageable curls, and smoother sleeker and straighter hair strands. Smoothing systems can last between 3-6 months and are great for those looking to wear their curly hair straight or just loosen the curl pattern to be more manageable. It is also offered as a reconstructor treatment.


hair extensions

We use in-house top-quality hair extensions to provide longer and fuller-length styling options that can be customized with different cuts and colors. Extensions range in length and can be applied using different methods including but not limited to braided sew-in, brainless sew in, micro links, bonded weaves, and more. 


We have a wide range of good-quality hair extensions. Our professionals choose the best hair extension according to your hair color and texture so that it complements your natural hair. All our services are available at highly competitive rates in the market and we never compromise our quality of service.


Color bar

Our vastly wide array of color options are endless. We offer creative colors, natural colors , temporary colors and more. Colors can be customized to your desired shade and style. Some techniques offered are ombre, balayage, foils, highlights and lowlights. Every client is required to receive a consultation that will include a patch test and/or strand test 48 hours to 1 week before color services. With the patch test, we ensure that our clients are not allergic to hair coloring chemicals. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and we always strive to offer the best. Whether you want vibrant color and pop color or something natural and wispy, our professionals can do any kind of hair coloring. 

Hair Supplies

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