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We Finish Professionally with ECOHEADS salon Showerheads.

Designed specifically for the fast paced salon, the ECOHEADS Showerhead is the first of it’s kind to deliver BOTH improved water pressure as well as reduced water usage. All while cleansing the water utilizing a two-step filtration process, ensuring you are rinsing with clean water that has the added benefit of tourmaline, which introduces negative ions to the water.

  • Improve Water Pressure

  • Save up to 65 of your water

  • Cleaner Water

  • Softer Water

Optimal Water Pressure

ECOHEADS patented shower-plate technology doubles water pressure creating a powerful stream, cutting your rinse time in half and giving your valued clients that added massage during their shampoo.

Cleaner Water

ECOHEADS filtration system remove sediment, dirt and rust from the water, capturing it in a removable filter that is simple to clean before it gets to your clients hair.

Save Water & Energy

Did you know that the average salon basin uses 150 gallons* of water EACH day? ECOHEADS shower head was tested by the Australian Water Sense board and reduces water flow to 1.45 gallons per minute, saving you up to 65 percent of the water used. Or, two wine barrels a day.

Soft Water

The EcoStones in the neck of the showerhead have become the signature of our showerhead. These stones introduce negative ions, softening the water and introducing moisture into the hair and smoothing out the hair shaft, giving you a softer, smoother finish. Not only do the stones do this, the EcoPlate does, too.


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