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Summer Glow Awaits! BOOK NOW

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Who doesn’t just love the spa? Walking into your oasis that smells like vanilla and honey. Laying onto a warm bed just waiting for the magic to happen. To escape your daily routine and focus on the peaceful presence of the now! The excitement is overwhelming, just knowing how radiant and beautiful you will look when your facial is complete!

However, we all have concerns, are problem areas that we want to rid of. It may be acne, collagen production, or red spots.

No matter the concern, we’ve got the answers! Partnering with Farmhouse Fresh Organics and Naturals Awarding winning Natural skin care line we aim to help you escape to a world of relaxations while giving back to animals I’m need and providing natural remedies to do so!

Farmhouse Fresh uses microgreens and other natural goodness to produce amazing products that nourish the skin. The company also uses its proceeds to aid in animal rescue and prevention.

We are so excited to deliver this amazing brand to our customers and an enjoyable Crowned Spa Experience!

What are you waiting for? Your Oasis is waiting. Book a Farmhouse Facial at the studio!


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